Assessing healthcare in Urban Slums within Nairobi to uncover why the healthcare provision system is broken

Photo: Walking in Mukuru kwa Njenga, 2019 About the Project This was one of the most exciting projects we worked on during our fellowship at NDI. This was largely because it was the first time we got to work in teams of two, and had the freedom in picking the challenge to work on. Our …

Waste Management: Designing for proper waste material management

A case for Vituu, a better way to waste Photo: Waste material awaiting processing at a recycling plant in Dandora, 2019 ChallengePeople in Nairobi do not sort their waste. Nairobi generates over 3000 tons of waste every single day, which is collected and taken to dumpsites around Nairobi. The collected waste is a resource too, …

Becoming Unscripted: I am Dejected

So how well do you know the people around you? We hope telling our stories will help someone. It could be ourselves, in the pursuit of who we are or some random person out there who feels like the walls are caving in.

Becoming Unscripted: The Klepto

Have you ever taken the step to really putting down what makes you, YOU? We all think we know our friends, our drinking buddies, our reading partners, ourselves, but isn't what we know a scripted performance?